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CONTACT US - PLAN & DESIGN with a free consultation!

You would like to do a renovation or addition but not sure where to start?

Contact our contractors to book a free no obligation initial consultation with one of our talented designers. We specialize in IKEA kitchens and cabinets and can help build you a beautiful new room. We will find out what your renovation dreams are and discuss how we can move in the right direction and turn those dreams into reality. Our talented designers can start with a completely blank slate offering creative advice on how to achieve your goals or work with you to bring your existing ideas to life! Call 778-406-1155 or email tsquare@easyinstallations.ca and get started today!



Unsure if you need a permit and how to go about getting one? That’s what we are here for - we do all the hard work, so you don’t have to! We will determine if you will require specific permits or engineering, if you do we simply send this off to our expert partners who handle everything from start to finish.



To ensure the finished product is of exceptional quality and meets all your expectations we have a 3-stage construction process.

Stage 1 – The rough stage, this is where we lay the foundations to make it happen! This stage may include: demolition, framing, foundation.

Stage 2 – The Internals, this is where we really start to set it in motion. We work with you and our electricians, plumbers, finishers and kitchen designers to finalize the special touches such as lighting, speakers, cabinets and ensure everything is where it is needed.

Stage 3 – The Finishing stage, this is where we put those finishing touches to complete your dream kitchen, these include things like baseboards, trims, fixtures and any other special personal selections you have chosen to complete your look.



To ensure complete satisfaction our completion stage consists of a final walk through with one of our expert managers to inspect the work and ensure it is of the highest quality. All final permit inspections are also conducted at this stage. Finally, one last walk through with the company owner, manager, designer and yourself to ensure you are completely satisfied with your brand new renovation or addition! 



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Address: 3318 Oak St, Victoria, BC V8X 1R1


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